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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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s, had wnds police say were not life-threatening. he lives in hyde park and was conductor for the mbta commuter rail. jc: the mbta said he would be respected and let by his colleagues on the railroad. reid: following breaking news right now out of the nation' s capital, a man caught right there on camera, jumping the fence onto the north lawn of the white house a short time ago. he was wrapped in an american flag and carrying an envelope. secret service quickly taking him in the custody. the first family was inside the white house, and as a result, he was put on lockdown. closer to home, the former police officer who was indicted for making up a shooting and calling in a fake bomb threat last all has been down dead. state police and the das office were called to the home of brian johnson this morning at about 3:30. the 23-year-old was found by another person living at the home.
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no signs of al play were found. -- no signs of foul play were found. jc: time now to take a live look at the bunker hill bridge. traffic is moving fine on this thanksgiving. lots of people stuffed and at home. happy thanksgiving. reporter: happy thanksgiving to you as well. it' s a lot of fun today. >> i saw people taking jogs and walks, trying to get some movement going. reporter: i' m sure there will be more walks tomorrow, but today was wonderful. high temperatures hitting the upper 50' s in washington. 58 degrees was your high. 57 and plymouth. in nantucket. s in lawrence.
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starting hampshire. as we go through the next 12 going to hold steady, i think. we will have low-level clouds worth their weight in, and there could be some patchy areas of thing tomorrow. friday shopping early, be prepared for that. we have a major system we are watching, creating a lot of rain and even ice for portions of oklahoma and texas. this is all headed in our direction, but first, we have to talk about the warmer temperatures because a major warm-up is coming tomorrow. reid: i want to talk about this annual holiday tradition in boston. a thanksgiving meal at the pine street in. the mayor on hand to help carve those turkeys. hundreds of volunteers joining the mayor to helps her for meals to the homeless on this holiday. a very special thanksgiving holiday as well thanks to some
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generous deli owners. everyone who came in got to eat for free, and the restaurant has been doing it or 20 years. reporter: the line that wrapped around the corner on market street finally dwindled at midday. like any emily gathering, everyone is making room -- like any family gathering. he wanted to give his four-year-old a taste of restaurant owner george marcus. every meal is free. marcus says his late father taught him a simple recipe for giving thanks. the district court judge are among the season volunteers. >>
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for granted. never judge, never do anything. >> in addition to all of this, for the disabled and elderly. >> change a person. >> i had a problem with someone in here today. we haven' t spoken in 10 years, and when i walked in, we made eye contact, and he said happy thanksgiving, brother, and that was it. that' s what this is all about. thanksgiving is the time to enjoy the day with family and friends. >> happy thanksgiving! reid: the first family enjoyed a thanksgiving dinner at the white house as well. some of the items on the menu included roasted turkey, honeybaked ham with uppercut mustard glaze, prime rib, and roasted peppers. if that was not enough, for dessert, banana cream, coconut
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cream, pumpkin, apple, pecan, and cherry pie. jc: the french president and russian president have reached an agreement to coordinate attacks on isis. meantime, several raids took laced on belgium as the prime minister lowered the attack alert level. say they are united in the fight vladimir putin pledging greater cooperation in his meeting with french president francois hollande. "terrorism is our enemy," hollande said. "we know it. it' s name is daesh." >> there is still no agreement on the role of syrian leader bashar al-assad. nearly two weeks after the terrorist attacks in france and less than one week since radical
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david cameron worked to convince the fight. cameron: they greater. brussels, the threat of an attack is no longer are starting to return to routine. >> we hope it is going back to normal. children going back to school. >> it' s hard not to be a little more skittish when there are so many people around. reporter: in germany today, two individuals were arrested possibly in conjunction with terrorism. germany also announced plans to deploy more jets in the campaign against terror. reid: those terror attacks have our nation on high alert. new york city upped its security with bomb sniffing dogs and radiation detectors. so-called soft targets like malls and retail shops across
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the country adding extra security. both uniformed and cops hiding in plain clothes. department of homeland security urges americans to be aware and be vigilant. >> it should be obvious to the public that there is a heightened presence in places like here, union station, at airports. reid: president obama has tried to reassure a very nervous america that despite what happened in paris, there is no specific terror threat this holiday weekend. this is what you will see if you ntham police say they will be significantly enhanced security the year. similar to last year, there will be uniformed officers with long guns, undercover officers trained and behavioral observation, and officers with canines trained to detect explosives. jc: governor baker has declared tomorrow green friday, about recognizing the contributions of
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the governor is encouraging all of us to buy a massachusetts-grown tree this year. about $1.4 million is added to the state economy each year from the sale of christmas trees. janet took a sample among folks she has been talking to lately to find out what makes them pause and give thanks on this holiday. janet: regardless of your mission, regardless of the stress, most folks can i' m something that brings a smile to their race. most of the time, it' s family. that' s always the easiest. what are you thankful for? >> my granddaughter. janet: the rest of us find gratitude in the challenges that face us each and every day. >> on thankful i got to wake up sober today because now that i' m sober, i can my family and i get to continue to help other people try to live the life i lived today. >> i' m thankful for my daughter, and i' m thankful that i' m able to do the work in my son' s
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available to families so their children have a second chance at life. janet: if we look hard, we can find humor in gratitude. even politicians know there are some things they can control and some they cannot. >> i' m most grateful we brought two snowmelt there' s -- snow melters last year. >> i was grateful to governor but two snow melters last year. very thankful we can deal with any potential snow. jenna: sweaters will be easy. mother nature can be cruel. reid: did donahue sharing what he is thankful for on social media. the officer twitting out thankful for the newest edition to the family set to arrive in april. great news for him and his wife.
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shootout days after the bombings in watertown, and he and his wife are already the proud parents of a little girl. of course, we congratulate them. jc: what a blessing and what a wonderful thing to be grateful for. how far he has come. protest continue this thanksgiving day in chicago. reid: demonstrators outrage over the fatal shooting of a teenager. nudity is just released and plans to disrupt black friday shoppers. jc: the impact of the high wind at an outdoor flea market caught on camera. plus , babies born too soon. how massachusetts ranked nationally and the city with the most premature birth.
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jc: a mbta commuter rail conductor was shot near a bar outside fenway park early this morning. boston police say the scene was chaotic with hundreds of evil fleeing after the shooting. three people were injured. you see the picture there. he lived in hyde park, was a conductor for the mbta commuter rail. police will not prosecute the woman seen here in surveillance video who left a newborn baby in a christmas manger. a church custodian round the baby inside the holy child of teachers -- holy child of jesus church money.
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woman came back the next day to make sure the woman was found safe. reid: tonight in chicago, trouble over newly released dash cam footage that shows a chilling officer involved shooting. the incident happened over year ago, but the officer involved was just arrested this week and charged with the murder of a teenager. many are calling on the superintendent to step down. reporter: new images from inside officer jason van dyke' s squad car show teenager laquan mc donald running away. moments later, the officer gets out and mcdonald was shot 16 times in 18 seconds. we will not show the entire video that has reignited protest across chicago. demonstrators are vowing to disrupt holiday shopping, angry over why the video was not a public for an entire year. >> any responsible police superintendent would have shown
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reporter: van dyke was charged tuesday with first-degree murder. according to citizen watchdog group invisible institute, citizens have filed 20 complaints against him since he joined the force in 2001, including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs, but he was not disciplined. abc news has confirmed 18 complaints. defense argues he feared for his life in this case. with more demonstrations expected, president obama is weighing in on facebook, writing, "i am deeply disturbed by the footage and i' m grateful to the people of my hometown for keeping protest peaceful. many are grateful to the states attorney for taking a year before charging, but legal experts they these are difficult cases to win because you have to prove the officer intended serious utley harm. jc:
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wild wind wreaking havoc at the annual flea market and elk grove. people running for cover. 11 people were hurt. hospital. first responders treated many on the scene. california. snow fell, causing plenty of trouble for drivers, and then this in utah -- storms blinding drivers determined to get to their thanksgiving day destination. there' out west. how thankful should we be that we have such gorgeous weather? everybody can get -- i hope -- where they want to go . >> must they' re going farther to the midwest. then you are on your own. it' s also a great day for turkey trotting. jc: i think it' s better for turkey sitting. >> hundreds of runners started with a little bit of exercise this holiday.
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some of those costumes -- i didn' t see a lot of people running. i did get my run in this morning because i' ve eaten a lot of turkey. obviously, you' ve got to run it off. a mild day. 58 degrees was the high. a warm month for the month of november, and tomorrow will actually be no different. in act, we' re going to be near record warmth tomorrow. i' m going for a forecasted high of 50 degrees and worcester, 62 in boston, but the records are 66 degrees in worcester and 77 in boston. not going to break any records or get too close, but it is still going to be unseasonably warm. we should be running around 48 degrees this time of year. notice we are mild today, mild tomorrow, and temperatures start to take a nosedive over the weekend. you will feel different sunday, especially monday.
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you can see very active weather across the midsection of the country. you can see a lot of rain. there' s been some ice and snow for the midwest. this whole system is headed in our direction, but it' s going to take its time getting here, so it looks like for tonight and for tomorrow, it mainly drive. we do have a couple of clouds working their way in, and we will see more of them as we had through the overnight hours. we could have some patchy areas of log to contend with, so just the aware of that if you are planning to get some of those bargain deals after midnight tonight. right now, 51, boston. 50 in worcester. 40' s and keen and orange. even 51 degrees in nantucket. tonight, temperatures will drop into the 40' s. maybe even a few 30' s at the merrimack valley. mostly cloudy night, and wind will be out of the south. a bit on the breezy side today,
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and tomorrow, again, they will be pretty gusty out of the south and west, but that' s a mild day. tonight, we are pretty much clear, just couple of clouds rolling in, but tomorrow morning, you see there could be some areas of fog to wake up to, but once we get past 11:00, 12:00, sunshine really breaks through, and we will see a good amount of sunshine tomorrow before more clouds from our approaching system worked their way in tomorrow night. tomorrow, we warm up to 60 in boston. i think 62 degrees, though. just a mild day out there across most of the area. in fact, your 12-our timeline going to look like this -- starting in the 40' s in the morning but quickly jumping up in the upper 50' s and low 60' s for highs, indicate may stay in the 50' s to right around 60 degrees. it' s a mild one, but here comes that cold front.
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we are drive through friday early evening. once we get past midnight and a first thing saturday morning, there could be one or two showers popping up. not everyone is going to see them. the big the with this will be the cold air that comes through, but it looks like now on the day of saturday, there' s better chances of maybe a few scattered showers, even through the afternoon hours into the early evening, so that is something new we are adding in. let me show you this again on saturday and break it down for you. here comes that cold front coming on and. 8:00 in the morning, there' s some showers around, but notice the afternoon. this may be a bit overdone, but we see more showers popping up on the map and continuing through the evening before they wind down. sunday, there will be a few clouds around, but it will be much colder, although we warm up quickly tuesday, wednesday. we' re back into the 50' s. jc: we were just trying to figure out how many people would be out shopping in that warm weather.
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reid: 89th annual macy' s thanksgiving day parade as well. giant walloons, beautiful floats, marching bands making their way down. the nypd did have unprecedented security for the festivities amidst those heightened concerns of terrorism, making it the most heavily policed parade in city history. jc: and snoopy and diary of a wimpy kid, i was told, went by. this is all the modern stuff , but pills very doughboy, snooki still rocking it. next, a food pantry like none other helping to feed families in need this thanksgiving. reid: we will show you how the meals here help with hunger and health.
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jc: hundreds of families are getting help putting dinner on the table from a food pantry unlike any other in the region. reid: each and every meal is assembled with special dietary and medical needs in mind. >> we have cranberry sauce today, some mac and cheese: they are gathering up all the wood, laying it out, getting it bagged up and ready to go. a team of volunteers working
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>> my target is usually 830 -- 800 turkeys. last year, we gave out 840. our food pantry is a little bit different from others in the neighborhood. patients have to receive a referral. >> food and security, meeting the person admits to health care providers they do not have enough food to eat. some often go without to make sure their family is fed. they also need a special diet to keep their health in check. >> a lot of patience are diabetic and hypertensive. everybody is not getting the same thing. we look at the number of people in their household because we think the whole family and also dietary restrictions. >> the pantry works with donors and the greater boston food bank to get healthy food in stock. >> we try to have them change the way they choose their food. we try to make them make healthy choices. >> with so much demand at thanksgiving, it'
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s tough to tailor every meal to every patient like they normally do. this time around, every patient gets the same supplies. they are encouraged to share it with neighbors and friends who do not have enough. >> it' s very rewarding. it' s a lot of work, but we know at the end of the day, we are helping so many hungry families. >> they will soon be moving into a larger space so they can help feed more people. hospitals in new york and california have reached out to start their own similar food pantries. >> this year, the food pantry gave out more turkeys than ever before. 885. reid: new tonight, cracking down on drunk driving. jc: that will focus on the establishment providing the alcohol.
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jc: the hyde park man who works for the mbta has been identified as the victim in a shooting at fenway park. reid: a commuter rail conductor was killed and three other
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